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“We had an ongoing rodent problem and had two other companies come out before I contacted the knowledgeable and helpful staff at Bay Counties. They sent David the same day I called and he was able to find their entry spot and fix it — no more problems.”
—A.G., San Rafael

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Because we do what's best for you and your environment, we target specific treatment areas to address your individual needs. Sometimes we ask that you be patient while the carefully applied products do their job. To find more information on Pre-service & Post-service Tips click here.


We know how valuable your home is to you, and we want to help you protect it. Our expertly trained and licensed service technicians – Doug in Sonoma County and David in Marin County – will inspect problem areas and perform a customized treatment program that is designed to create and maintain a pest-free environment in your home. Using the principles of integrated pest management (IPM), we'll work with you to identify and locate problem areas, and then try to eliminate entry points and nesting sites by making specific recommendations of things you can do to help block pests from gaining entry into your house.

Bothered by yellow jackets? We can customize a seasonal trapping program to suit your needs. We start with trapping the yellow jacket queens in late March or early April. Each week, we will monitor and service the queen traps. Toward the end of May or early June we will transition to yellow jacket traps and/or bait jars. Traps or bait jars are serviced weekly until the end of the season, which is usually mid to late October. This service is perfect for your home, hobby vineyards or vacation houses.

Bay Counties specializes in the control of the most common household pests:

For Pre-Service and Post-Service Tips, click here.

Bay Counties strives to provide individualized care while applying the latest and most current control methods. Because we are focusing our services on the most common household pests, we do not inspect for or treat wood destroying pests, such as termites, nor do we offer tree care or weed control.